Architectural Lighting

Architectural Lighting on House in Memphis, TN

Accenting architecture with beautiful lights.

Architectural Accent Lighting on Home in Memphis, TN

We can shape your grounds and landscape to showcase the amazing structural features of your home, also spotlight your entries, and frame your beautiful surroundings and background.

Our outdoor LED lighting designs bring your home to life while other homes disappear into the night. We can create warm and inviting outdoor living areas that can be enjoyed at all hours and all year long! We also can add value to your home by spotlighting its beautiful features and highlighting the best elements of your landscape. We will also increase the safety and security of your home, helping to prevent accidents and deter would be burglers with lit up entries, walkways, driveways, and potential hiding spots.

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Why Use Outdoor Lights for Architecture? 

  • Framing - lights frame out a home at night and give it more depth and appeal. It’s amazing how a few lights, with proper placement, can capitalize on the architectural design of a home and boost the ambiance. 
  • Ambiance - great lighting makes for the most amazing ambiance at night. Consider driving up to your home with great lighting versus a dark home. You feel warmer. You feel more welcome when you arrive. 
  • Curb appeal - a house with great lighting certainly stands out amongst the rest. Lights are the evening curb appeal you want to showcase the beautiful architecture of your house. It’s a great touch that will elevate the value of your home and land. 
  • Security - a well-lit house is less of a target for burglars. If someone is looking to break into a home at night, they’re typically looking for an easy target with no lighting so that they aren’t visible. Security Lights provide an extra layer of protection for you and your home. 

Using Outdoor Lights To Highlight Architecture 

Have you noticed a home at night that has great architectural and landscape lights? Didn’t it frame the house even better? 

Architectural lights add so much to a home at night. It adds more framing to the elements of your home and brings out beauty of your landscape surroundings. Which types of lights are typically used in outdoor architectural lighting projects? Here are a few: 

  • Bullet lights 
  • Wash lights 
  • Flood lights 

For example, bullet lights can be used to highlight columns on a front porch. Bullet lights are placed at the base of the columns and pointed upward. Bullet lights can also be used around other structural elements of a home, to showcase the architecture. 

Wash lights are a great addition for accenting walls and giving more depth to your entire home. Wash lights provide soft light for walls and larger areas of architecture. Wash lights are great when floods are too harsh, but flood lights are also great for illuminating large areas of your home. 

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