2019 Lighting Trends: Popular Light Fixtures and Features

Lighting Trends

There are a multitude of options for homeowners to choose from when it comes to light fixtures. Almost every year, a new trend emerges and people quickly hop on the bandwagon. Although there are fixtures that are timeless and never fade out of style, there are some that come and go. We’re giving you the run-down on the best lighting trends of 2019. 

Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting can bring a new and exciting look to any home. With trends that go with any style and decor, there are hundreds of ways to take your indoor and outdoor lighting to the next level. Not only can architectural lighting make your home more beautiful, but it can also protect it in many ways as well. 

Industrial Lighting

A rustic-inspired home is extremely popular these days, and industrial lighting is an aspect of rustic homes that stands out. In the past, the use of metal for light fixtures was most commonly seen in industrial lighting, but more recently, industrial lighting with varied tones and textures that give spaces a more modern feel have become popular. 

Wicker Pendant Lamps

Wicker can be used in homes with every style. From mid-century modern to farmhouse themed, you can probably find a wicker decor item somewhere in the home. A popular way to use wicker in the home is pendant lamps. Not only are people using these light fixtures inside the house, but they are beginning to use them outside as well. Beautiful back porch lighting can change your backyard party hosting game. Easy to style, these fixtures go with any color palette you can imagine and are perfect for any home. 

Recess Lighting

Recess lighting has been around for years but continues to make a difference in the design of homes. Many people enjoy a very simple and clean look and do not want to take up space to light up the rooms of their house. Recess lighting is the perfect way to brighten up a room without bringing attention to itself. Although beautiful lighting fixtures can make a room more appealing, recess lighting forces your guests to focus on the beautiful decor that you have worked hard on instead. 

Edison-style bulb

Edison-Style Bulbs 

Vintage and nostalgic trends are coming back in style thanks to industrial home decor trends. People of many ages are beginning to look to their favorite stores to provide them with the latest retro trends going around. One of the most popular vintage trends in lighting is the Edison-style bulb. Resembling the infamous first light bulb by Thomas Edison, people use these bulbs in a variety of ways including: 

  • Hung by a string
  • On chandeliers with many bulbs
  • As a row of lights mounted on a wall
  • Inside a concrete base
  • As front porch light sconces 

Dome Pendant Lighting

Although pendant lighting as a whole has become popular inside homes, dome pendants stand out in particular. Oftentimes seen above kitchen islands or tables, dome pendant lights have become statement pieces in homes everywhere. Whether you use one huge dome, or three smaller sizes, these lighting fixtures are sure to be a wow factor inside your home!

Lighting Features

Alongside trendy light fixtures, there are also new and innovative features that can be installed to make turning the lights on more convenient as well as beautiful. Here are a few lighting feature ideas trending right now:

Smart Lighting

Although many homes still use traditional light switches, there are a multitude of people who are moving to smart lighting. Smart lighting controls can be used to dim, brighten, turn on & off, and more with just the click of a button. Some smart lighting can change more than 10 bulbs at one time. There is a long list of incredibly user-friendly features that come with the investment of smart lighting. In 2019, many people want to keep their technology up to date, and that includes their home lighting. 

Motion Sensor Lighting

Although motion sensor lighting is most commonly used inside public restrooms, schools, hotels, and more, it’s becoming popular to use inside homes as well. Motion sensor lighting can detect large and small movements in a particular room. Motion sensor lighting is also used in landscaping. These sensors have become a type of security for homes, because if movement is sensed in your yard, lights will automatically turn on. This feature is convenient for many reasons, and people are beginning to invest in it!

Invisible Light Switches

Although there is new and innovative technology for light switches, some people still lean towards the traditional light switch. However, individuals may want to make their light switches less prominent inside of their homes. Invisible light switches are a great way to make this wish happen. With a see-through material, these light switches work exactly like they traditionally have. Instead of having a large plate on the wall that draws attention, now the switch will blend in with the wall and become less visible. 

Clap On Clap Off

Clap activated lights have been around since the 1980s, but are still sticking around. This light feature is perfect for when you are laying in bed and don’t want to get back up to flip the switch. Although the first clap activated light recognized only two claps, improved technology has allowed individuals to customize their own clap pattern. Whether that is just one clap or several claps, there are many options. 

Architectural and Security Lighting

In addition to adding value to your home by creating ambience and warmth, architectural lighting, or security lighting, can deter burglars from your home. Security lighting is one of the most important types of lighting that you can invest in. Your home should be the place where you feel most safe and comfortable, and security lighting helps provide that.


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