Outdoor Lighting - Should I Get LED or CFL Lights?

We highly recommend LED lights over CFL for outdoor lighting because LEDs don’t contain sensitive filaments, which means they operate best in all weather conditions, instantly illuminate, and don’t consume as much energy. CFL lights have shorter life spans, consume more energy and require some time to fully illuminate.

5 Pros of LED Lights Over CLF Lights:

#1 - LED Lights Are More Efficient

Operational cost of outdoor lights is certainly a major factor. Since your outdoor lights will be on every night, all night, then you need them to perform well but at a low cost. CFL lights burn hotter, which means they require more energy and are less efficient because energy is being released through heat. 

 LED Outdoor Lighting

LED lights maximize lumens per wattage and are guaranteed to be 40-50% more efficient than CFLs because of how they function. LED lights produce the same amount of lumens as CFL lights, but use less wattage to do so.

#2 - LED Lights Can Withstand Harsh Weather

In Memphis, you know we experience extreme heat and in recent years, some extreme cold for our area. Swinging between high and low temperatures, plus high humidity, will quickly diminish the lifespan of a CFL light because of the sensitive filament contained inside. LEDs don’t use sensitive filaments at all, so you don’t run the same risk of short lifespan.

With our wild Memphis weather, it’s best to go with LED lights because they will withstand the elements.  

#3 - Cost of LEDs to CFL Lights

It is true that CFL lights are cheaper than LEDs. However, LEDs have significantly dropped in price over the last five years and you must consider how CFL lights are to perform poorer in Memphis weather, making the lifespan shorter and increasing the need to replace them. Also, CFL lights consume more energy per use.

So if you combine the inefficient energy use plus the need to replace CFL lights more frequently, you’re likely to spend more with CFL lights pretty quick.

#4 - The Lifespan of LED Versus CFL

The average lifespan for a CFL light is only 8,000 hours compared to a LED light lasting 25,000 hours. So on average your LED light will last three times longer than a CFL light. No one wants to replace lights on a regular basis, certainly not three CFL lights before you have to replace a LED light.

#5 - Color Rendering is Better with LED Lights

While color may not seem like a major factor for most, it is noteworthy that LED lights have better color rendering than CFL lights, so you’re able to achieve better color and more color control with LED lights. For some light systems, you may want to control the hue of the light and you’re able to do more with a LED light compared to CFL.

So if you’re looking for a bit more customized or control, then a LED light gives you just that.

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Posted by Jesse Wisley at 11:26 AM

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