Commercial Lighting

Bringing light to commercial spaces. 

We create incredible lighting systems for your commercial spaces in Memphis, whether it’s a new construction or an existing building, we can retrofit the building and landscape with the right outdoor lighting.

Have a restaurant? We can create the right ambiance you need for guests to enjoy night after night. We all know ambiance can sell someone on dining. It’s an experience. So we help you make the experience that much better for your guests.

New Construction Lighting

If you’re building a new commercial space, we can design and create a lighting system to complement the architecture and add extra security at night. Right along with your architects, we can create plans that add to what you’re already designing and implementing at the construction site.

Retrofit Commercial Spaces

If you’re looking to boost your current property with some light, we can do just that. It doesn’t need to be a new construction for us to create a beautiful light system. We can add lighting for the exterior, focusing on the architecture and landscape to create a remarkable scene. Retrofits are absolutely possible, so don’t think it’s outside the realm of what we can do.

Commercial Lighting for Pathways, Sidewalks & Drives

Light for pathways, sidewalks and drives is as much about ambiance as it is about safety. People need to see where they’re walking and driving. Provide the right amount of light to keep you guests and clients safe as they stroll around your commercial space.

We design everything on purpose with function in mind, so you’ll also create the sort of ambiance you desire while also getting functionality.

Safety + functionality + beauty

Lighting Outdoor Areas

Whether it’s for lounging, eating or recreation, we can light it up. Remember, no one wants too much or too little light in an outdoor area at night. It’s about building the mood. You tell us what your outdoor space is used for and how you want to build the mood. Then we’ll execute and light it up exactly as you need.


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