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Landscape Lighting in Memphis, TN by Mid South Night Lights

A landscape lighting installation is as much about the science and technology as it is about the aesthetics.

At Mid South Night Lights, we approach each project with the goals of the homeowner in mind and have a thorough understanding of the existing landscape features. More than just installing lights thoughtlessly, the hallmark of our work is in the design and execution.

Mid South Night Lights offers professional LED landscape lighting designs in Memphis that range from simple and elegant, to complex and intricate, depending on the taste of the client. An exterior lighting system should be purposeful and well-balanced.

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Landscape Lighting Around Tree by Mid South Night Lights

Creating A Landscape Lighting Plan

Of course, each home and landscape is different. Some landscapes have gardens and lots of trees, while others are more open and include less vegetation. In each case, we need to evaluate a landscape to determine the best landscape lighting plan. 

Specifically, our Memphis lighting team will look at the placement of lights. We’ll also determine the appropriate light to use in each area. A flood light isn’t best for all areas of the landscape. There are other types of landscape outdoor lights that we can use, such as downlight, wells, bullets, wash and garden lights. Each of these are used for different areas and serve different purposes around the landscape. 

For example, your landscape might require two flood lights, two bullets, a well, four gardens and two washes. It all depends on the vegetation and design of your home as well. 

Creating an outdoor LED lighting plan will allow us to place the right lights in the right spots. And when you have the right light in the right spot, you get stunning results that you’ll be proud to show off. 

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Types of Outdoor Landscape Lights

  • Flood - this is probably the most common landscape light people think of when it comes to outdoor lighting. Flood lights are some of the brightest within a landscape and cast light at a wider angle (40 degrees or more). 
  • Downlight - you may not see these around homes as much but you’ve probably seen them around commercial spaces, such as restaurants. A downlight is typically located high on the trunk of a tree or branch and aimed downward toward a lawn or path. 
  • Well - these lights are buried within the surface of the ground so light is visible without seeing the light fixture itself. 
  • Bullet - these lights cast narrower light beams compared to floods and wells. 
  • Wash - a wash light casts softer light than a flood and is used around larger spaces and walls. 
  • Garden - as the name implies, these lights are used throughout garden and plant beds. They can also be used along a path. 

Using Each Outdoor Light Within A Landscape 

For example, let’s say the landscape around a home is as follows: one large tree in the front yard, garden beds around the front porch, a fenced-in backyard and two trees in the backyard. How could this landscape be approached with the lights listed above? Here’s how: 

  • Use a flood light by the fence, maybe around a gate or entry way into the yard
  • Use a well or bullet lights to highlight the tree in the front 
  • Use a few wash lights around the exterior walls of the home 
  • Use garden lights around the front porch garden beds (and even down the walkway)
  • Use a downlight in each of the trees in the backyard 

Each light serves a specific purpose within the landscape. Of course, there’s always some room to rearrange and adjust types of lights and where they are placed within the landscape, but the above provides a simple example.

Landscape Lighting Services in Memphis, TN 

If you are looking for landscape lighting design services for your home or business, our Memphis lighting contractors are here to help. Serving Memphis, Tennessee and the entire Mid South, we have years of experience designing landscape lighting plans for residences and businesses. 

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