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Landscape Lighting Around Pool in Memphis, TN

Lighting Design Services in Memphis, TN

Whether you are looking for lighting design services for your home or business, Mid South Night Lights can handle all of your unique lighting needs. Serving Memphis, Tennessee and surrounding areas, we have years of experience designing commercial and residential landscape lighting plans.

A professionally designed lighting system can increase your property value by as much as 12%, drastically improving your curb appeal. In addition, it can help to deter criminal activity. Outdoor lighting can have both practical and aesthetic effects, improving the look of your house or business.

Even if you have an existing lighting system, we can easily enhance it and bring it up to date with current styles and safety guidelines. We will make sure that you have the appropriate type of light in the appropriate area. Unless the light fixture is decorative, we will make sure that the source of the light is concealed when possible. In order to save energy and time, we will set your lighting system up on a timer, turning on and off at dusk and dawn.

Some of the most popular places to install new lighting are along driveways and walkways, in plant beds, in patio areas, facing your house or building, and in the parking lot. As a part of your outdoor lighting system, we will make sure that all of the hardware blends seamlessly in with your landscaping.

Illuminate your home or business with the following services offered by Mid South Night Lights:

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