Lighting Maintenance

outdoor lighting maintenance Memphis

Everything requires maintenance.

We highly recommend to protect your investment of your new lighting system with our maintenance program which includes spring and fall visits. You can sign up for this program anytime!

Spring and Fall Visits include:

Inspection – The entire lighting system is tested to ensure that all fixtures come on and work properly.

Maintenance of Lighting Effects – Lighting fixtures are periodically repositioned to account for growth of landscape. Any landscaping that is obstructing light is lightly trimmed or the fixture is repositioned so it is not an issue. As landscape grows, fixtures need to be repositioned to maintain the proper lighting effect.

Timer Inspection – All timers are checked and reset to account for daylight savings if necessary.

Low Voltage Wiring – Any wire that has surfaced is reburied.

Transformer Inspections – Connections at taps are checked and cleaned of debris or insects inside.

Already have an existing lighting system? We can make any necessary repairs to get the system back up and running. Give us a call today to get on the schedule: (901) 371-6031

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