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Covered Patio Lighting in Memphis, TN

Like all types of lighting design, patio lighting design should be thoughtfully made and done with a purpose in mind.

The best patio lighting designs introduce light from multiple sources, thereby creating a tasteful play of light and shadows. We can serve a variety of purposes from safety to ambiance to drama. Light layered from a variety of angles and intensity levels gives a property a sense of balance and provides a wash of light that enhances a home’s curb appeal after dark and into the night.

Having a great outdoor patio space is perfect for entertaining, relaxing or dining. However, the patio isn’t used as much if you don’t have proper patio lighting. Instead of only using the patio during daylight hours, adding patio lights allows you to enjoy the patio space into the evening. Patio lights also add a particular amount of ambiance that is perfect for a simple dinner outside or a grand celebration with friends.

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Patio Lighting Ideas: 

  • String Lights - one of the simplest ways to add lots of light and even decoration is with string lights. Some of the best patio spaces are lit with patio string lights. We hang them over the dining area or over your seating space. While string lights are simple, it does require careful installation and technique to make the lights look great and also hide cords. 

string lights

  • Recessed Lights - for covered patio lighting, one of the best ways to light the area is with recessed lights. Add plenty of light to a cooking/prepping station outside. Or add light to your dining area under your covered patio. Put these lights on a dimmer and easily control the amount of light you need. Turn the lights up when you’re getting food ready and then bring them down a bit when it’s time to eat. 
  • Deck Lights - for patio decks, we can install lights around beams and steps to provide more ambiance and even safety for those going up and downstairs. This is another great way to add a touch of light to make your entire outdoor patio space feel even more brilliant at night. 
  • Garden Lights - including simple garden lights around your patio is a great way to create depth within the vegetation around your patio and bring the environment to life at night. Garden lights will add a perfect touch to finish off your patio lighting without overdoing it.

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Creating A Patio Light Design: 

We understand adding some lights to your patio can be a DIY project. However, we’re focused on creating and implementing a patio light design. We’re all about professional lighting from design to installation and maintenance. We put light exactly where it should go with the right design in mind. 

We also focus on custom installation to give your patio space the brilliance and ambiance it needs. So not only do our lights look great, but they are installed purposefully so you can control everything easily and you don’t see cords and wires everywhere. 

Everything we do is with purpose and excellence for you.

Mid-South Night Lights Knows Memphis Lighting.

We love serving our Memphis community.  Our dedicated team has been lighting up the night for years and knows that installing beautiful lighting is an investment worth making.  We love a challenge and are proud to outfit a variety of different homes and properties with stylish lights so that you can enjoy the outdoors longer.  Check out our portfolio of work to see what we can do for you!

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