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Pool Lights in Memphis

Pool lighting isn’t new, but they often need updating. Bulbs go out, styles change, or people buy a home with a pool and want it to match their personal aesthetic. Alternatively, if you’ve just installed a new pool, you have several options to choose from when it comes to lighting the areas around it. Many homeowners rely on the single light in the deep end to illuminate the entire area, but there are many creative ways to showcase one of the most enjoyable features of your property that all come with a variety of benefits.

The Benefits Of Lighting Your Memphis Pool Area

There are some key benefits that choosing professional pool lighting brings to homeowners. Some of our favorite projects involve creating a well-lit outdoor oasis for families and friends to enjoy year-round, day or night.

Spa Lighting

To begin, it’s important to remember that your pool isn’t the only water feature worth lighting. For customers that have attached spas, shining light on your hot tub or wading pool adds to the overall attractiveness of your space. The right lighting can affect just how relaxing your space is to you and your guests. Being able to quickly adjust the light levels sets the scene and can bring you a sense of peace.

Pool Lights Create Mood

We believe that any kind of outdoor lighting affects the ambiance of your yard. Pool lighting is a particularly special variant of outdoor lighting because water reflects and refracts light, creating a mood like no other yard feature. A well-maintained pool area not only adds value to your property but also sets the tone for a variety of situations. Light up your backyard for guests during a balmy summer evening. Create fun effects during holiday parties. You could even set the mood for a romantic dinner for two, poolside.

Create Safety

A well-lit area expands your living space so you can spend more time outside with your loved ones. Lighting your pool area also makes it infinitely safer to be around. Pets, children, and adults alike can all easily trip and fall into a pool in an unlit backyard. We recommend a combination of various styles of lights to ensure that your guests and family members can safely enjoy pool-side activities without worrying about misstepping and having a watery accident.

Shape Your Pool

At Mid South Night Lights, we like to say that adding lights to your yard helps to lend shape to your landscaping. Pool area lighting is no different. A pool is a large consideration when we plan above ground lighting in gardens and surrounding green areas. When it comes to lighting the pool itself, we can create alluring shapes by using a variety of techniques. The right kind of light when strategically placed can bring your lovingly maintained pool sparkling to life at night. We also recommend directional lighting for attached fountains as well as highlighting tanning lips, diving boards, and more.

Extend Pool Hours

Swimming on a hot summer’s day is truly a pleasure. When you choose the right lighting for your pool area, you can enjoy your water feature late into the evening! Just because the sun goes down, doesn’t mean you have to stop the fun. Extend your swimmable hours, keep your family active for longer, and splash around under the stars.

Mid South Night Lights

Mid South Night Lights knows Memphis yards and landscaping. We’ve been helping clients all across the mid-south and greater Memphis area design the pool space of their dreams. Not only are we pool area lighting experts, but we also offer free consultations and create a rendering of your design before we move to installation. For more information on pool area lighting and what we can do for you, reach out for your free consultation today.


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