String Lighting

outdoor string lighting in memphis, TN

String lighting is the perfect addition to any outdoor area.

outdoor string lighting in backyard

This functional and decorative lighting can be installed permanently, or temporarily. Permanent string lights are perfect for backyards, back patios, decks, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, bars, restaurants, and more!

All of our projects are custom designed and installed using premium electrical products. We specialize in decorative and functional lighting design and installation. Call us today!

Why Should You Add String Lights?

Ambiance - it’s all about the ambiance within your outdoor space. String lights are a terrific way to add ambiance and mood to your outdoor space - deck, patio, pool area, etc. With the right amount of light and correct placement, your outdoor space will be completely transformed and even more enjoyable. 

Affordable - string lights are some of the most affordable outdoor lighting systems. You can have string lights on their own or you can incorporate them along with other outdoor lights, such as bullet lights or wells. Either way, string lights add a great touch of light wherever you want and aren’t as complicated for us to install as other light systems. 

Light accents - string lights are easy to put just about anywhere within your outdoor space, which means you can give light accents to specific areas without much trouble. Accent your pool area with a few strands overhead or your outdoor dining space. 

Decorative - string lights are even more than light in your outdoor space. They are decorative. So not only do you get light from each string but you can decorate your space with these lights. 

How Can Strings Lights Be Used?

String lights are a terrific accent and lighting solution for most outdoor spaces. They can be used in nearly any situation to provide light and decoration for an outdoor space. A few of the most popular spaces to use these lights include pool areas, outdoor dining space, grilling/food prep station, garden, patio, deck, bar, and even restaurants. 

Strings lights can easily be attached to structures or draped through tree limbs. The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to incorporating string lights. They can go anywhere outside. 

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