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Lighting Techniques

Depending upon the desired effect you want to have with your lighting, there are several types of techniques that Mid South Night Lights offers. Whether you are looking for lighting for safety reasons or for a dramatic effect, there are plenty of ways we can create a customized look for you.

Creating an instant impact and increasing property values immediately, our lighting techniques give a polished look that makes your home or office safer and more beautiful.

Here are five of the most common lighting techniques we offer. Let’s find the right option for you today!

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Grazing Lights

Grazing is an effect created by placing a light source close to that surface and aiming the light beam parallel to the surface. This effect creates interesting shadows and dimension, complementing the home’s architectural features.

Especially for homes with unique details, such as layered stonework or an arch as a focal point, there are many ways that grazing can highlight what makes your home special. Even if there is not a specific feature you want to showcase, grazing can create the illusion of intricate details, casting shadows and drawing attention in eye-catching, beautiful ways.

Outdoor Lighting on Front of House


Path & Walkway Lighting

Worried about dark walkways at night? Secure your safety with an illuminated path, which can brighten your space and also keep visitors safe at all hours of the day.

Path and walkway lighting can be accomplished with strategically placed fixtures that illuminate downwards toward a path. The light source is placed so you will enjoy the beauty of your hardscapes and landscape, without the harsh glares and intrusive lights that can be found on some lit walkways.

Outdoor Walkway Lighting



Uplighting refers to illuminating an object, area, or surface from below. By shining at an upward angle, the light can create a dramatic look on the object it is showcasing.

Typically, uplighting is used on on trees, landscaping focal points, or even corners of a property to designate focus and create an aesthetically pleasing look. When used under trees, uplighting can cast attractive shadows that can make the trees appear larger and fuller.

Landscape Lighting on Tree


Silhouette Lighting

Silhouetting is used to dramatize an interestingly shaped object. By casting a light directly upon the object, the silhouette creates a large shadow that makes a statement.

A silhouette light is particularly effective when cast upon a large tree, a beautiful sculpture, or a carefully trimmed hedge. The silhouette light can excite and delight guests at your home or office, giving an instant talking piece that makes a lasting impression.

silhouetting outdoor lighting Memphis


Step & Wall Lighting

Have you ever walked down a dark stairway, groping for a handrail and hoping you don’t trip? Take the worry out of your stairs with the help of step and wall lights.

Easily installed in masonry and wood constructions, stair and wall light fixtures are designed to safely illuminate stairways and seating walls. Our lighting professionals can gently light your stairs and walls to ensure you, your family, and your guests are always ready to take the next step!

outdoor wall lighting Memphis

Memphis Home and Office Outdoor Lighting

Ready to find out which of these techniques will make the biggest impact for your home or office? Our landscaping team can assist. Let’s talk about your concerns, what look you want to achieve, and how we can create a lighting solution that works for you.

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