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LED Outdoor Lighting Design

Here is the LED landscape lighting we provide: 

  • Deck & patio lighting 
  • Column lighting 
  • Uplighting 
  • Tree lighting 
  • Path & walkway lighting 
  • Water feature lighting 
LED Landscape Lighting

Read what someone else says about our landscape lighting: 

"Just when I thought we couldn't love our home more, Mid South Night Lights came into our lives. Our home feels so warm and bright from every angle, whether we are coming home late or we are enjoying the backyard during the summer evenings."


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You have questions and we have answers about landscape lighting: 

Q: How much does a lighting project cost, on average? 

A: Every project is customizable, so specific costs depend on a variety of factors.

Q: Is there a difference between yours and what I can buy at Home Depot or Lowes? 

A: There is a huge difference! First, we use all LED fixtures that last up to 10 years. Most box sets at Home Depot or Lowes will last only one year. Our installation also achieves a greater lighting effect, a better look during daylight, and the life of the warranty is longer. 

Q: Are your lighting systems efficient? 

A: Absolutely! We use LED fixtures that are proven to last 10 years and will consume 75% LESS energy than your traditional incandescent bulb.  

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