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Outdoor Security Lighting on House

Every property needs to feel safe. Security Lighting in Memphis. 

Outdoor Security Lighting on House

What we don't do: we don't install large spot lights around a home - that is handled by an electrician. What we do: we install outdoor landscape and architecture lighting around your home and landscape, providing more light and increasing security. 

One of the most efficient ways to make your home feel more secure is proper outdoor security lighting, which can increase security by discouraging criminal behavior.

If you were a thief which property would you target – the one that’s beautifully lit or the darker one that offers a better chance for unseen entry?

Without using severe, high voltage lights that can create a disturbance for the neighbors and devalue your property, Mid-South Night Lights designs, installs and maintains an outdoor security lighting system that adds beauty and function, while also deterring potential criminal activity. We install outdoor security lighting systems all over the Mid South. 

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Why Get Outdoor Security Lighting?

  • More peace of mind - having an alarm system at home is a great form of protection. Adding more outdoor light is another layer of security for your home and land. Get even more peace of mind whether you’re at home or returning home at night. 
  • Extra layer of security - outside lighting provides a second or third layer of home security. Burglars don’t seek out homes with lots of light. Instead, they want easy targets that are dark. Having lots of outdoor light protects you and your house from burglary. 
  • Eliminate targeting - a burglar wants to invade a home that isn’t well lit so they can be inconspicuous. When your house is well lit outside, burglars no longer see your house as a target. Instead, they will seek out a house with little to no outside light. 

Outdoor lighting provides so many benefits - it makes your home and landscape look incredible at night and it keeps you and your house protected. You may not be considering outside lights for security reasons, but it surely is one of the benefits of having us install landscape and architecture lights. 

How Can Lights Provide Security?

It starts with the right plan. We don’t randomly place lights and say your security is increased. Rather, we think through our approach and we design a lighting system that adds beauty and function to your home and outdoor space, while also deterring criminal activity. 

For security purposes, we want to make sure doors and windows have some amount of light around them. Since your doors and windows are entry points for burglars, we want to make sure they are lit and a burglar is deterred from trying to enter. Of course, we don’t want to use high-voltage lights around all of your windows. That’s a disturbance for you and other family members sleeping inside. However, we do create a light system that adds enough light without overpowering you inside. 

Also, adding lights around your driveway or walkway minimizes the potential for someone to approach your home since they could be seen upon approach. So we strategically place lights around your landscape so you have enough to keep criminal activity away.

Motion-Detected Lighting

Because thieves are less likely to target homes that are well lit, consider including motion sensors as part of your security lighting design.  Motion-detecting lights are convenient additions to your home because they light the way hands-free.  Sensors can be installed near lights or at a distance, so you can approach any area of your property with lighted confidence.  Choose from three different kinds of activation sensors including active sensors, passive sensors, or dual-technology sensors, combining the best of both worlds.  We use only the highest quality sensors, giving our clients the peace of mind they deserve.

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