Landscape Lighting | Oct 6, 2022 12:05:48 PM

5 Outdoor Lighting Installation Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to something as important as outdoor lighting, you want to make sure that you are getting the full value out of your investment. After all, great outdoor lighting can be the difference...

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Landscape Lighting | Sep 26, 2022 11:52:00 AM

How Bright Should Landscape Lighting Be?

Are you wondering how bright should your outdoor lights be? The “brightness” of outdoor lighting is an area where people (even some “pros”) often go wrong. That’s because this is one of the areas...

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Patio Lighting | Sep 19, 2022 1:20:24 PM

3 Outdoor Fireplace Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Space

Fire features can add warmth and ambiance to an outdoor living space that will never go out of style! If you’re thinking about adding an outdoor fireplace (or perhaps you already have one), you might...

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Landscape Lighting | Sep 1, 2022 9:28:20 AM

Benefits of Hiring Landscape Lighting Professionals

Landscape lighting has the ability to truly transform your property, allowing you to fully enjoy it in the evening hours. It also gives your property massive curb appeal, adding a whole new element...

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Security Lighting | Aug 30, 2022 1:32:44 PM

Secure Your Home With Outdoor Gate Lighting

If you’ve installed a gate at your front entrance, you likely already have safety on your mind. A gated entrance to your driveway or your home, in general, is a great way to protect it from criminals...

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Safety Lighting | Aug 22, 2022 10:37:26 AM

Step Lighting: Bring Safety to Your Outdoor Landscape

One of the huge benefits of outdoor lighting is safety. When you properly light up your outdoor spaces, you make them significantly safer to navigate. That’s a big deal. After all, the last thing...

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Landscape Lighting | Aug 16, 2022 11:19:34 AM

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Lighting for Your Yard

Making smart outdoor lighting choices can help you to get the most out of your Memphis property, even during the nighttime hours. But the key to success is a smart outdoor lighting design. It’s easy...

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Landscape Lighting | Aug 12, 2022 11:40:15 AM

3 Signs it's Time to Update Your Landscape Light Fixtures

If you already have landscape lighting, you know how valuable it is to using your outdoor space. Of course, if you have outdated landscape light fixtures, you might be finding that your lighting is...

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Landscape Lighting | Aug 11, 2022 2:49:34 PM

4 Tree Lighting Ideas That Will Transform Your Landscape

Your trees and shrubs are a beautiful component of your landscape. But they are elements that are typically only enjoyed during the daylight hours when you and others can see them. Of course, with...

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Lighting Maintenance | Aug 10, 2022 3:53:42 PM

3 Outdoor Lighting Maintenance Tips To Get the Most Out of Your Lights

Once you have outdoor lighting installed, you want to continue to get the full value out of your set-up for years to come. But just like other aspects of your home, you’ll need to take care of those...

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