Landscape Lighting | Apr 11, 2024 8:42:08 AM

4 Maintenance Considerations for Your Outdoor Landscape Lighting

In order to keep your outdoor lighting looking and performing its best, outdoor lighting maintenance is essential. As important as it is, it’s not always given the attention that it deserves. In this...

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Landscape Lighting | Mar 28, 2024 12:19:41 PM

Bringing Your Property to Life With Outdoor Lighting

While homeowners often think of outdoor lighting in the context of the front yard and adding curb appeal, there is tremendous value in incorporating lighting into the backyard, too. In the backyard,...

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Landscape Lighting | Mar 7, 2024 9:58:51 AM

4 Factors You Should Consider Before Choosing an Outdoor Lighting Company

When it comes to getting the most out of your lighting design, you want to make sure that you choose the best outdoor lighting company. But what makes a landscape lighting business the best? Many...

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Landscape Lighting | Feb 22, 2024 10:46:20 AM

A Complete Guide to Pathway & Driveway Lighting: Securing Your Home with Style

Pathway and driveway lighting serve important purposes on your Memphis property. These types of lighting add functional value by “lighting the way.” But there’s an aesthetic aspect to great driveway...

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Landscape Lighting | Feb 8, 2024 1:36:32 PM

Solving Problems While Increasing Curb Appeal and Value

This Memphis property had an outdated lighting system that was also causing them a major headache. Here’s how we solved that problem and more. There are so many ways that residential landscape...

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Pool Lighting | Feb 1, 2024 12:12:01 PM

What is LED Landscape Lighting?

Even though LED outdoor lighting has come tremendously far, there are still companies that use older lighting technology, usually because that’s what they’re used to installing. Although LED bulbs do...

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Pool Lighting | Dec 28, 2023 11:51:21 AM

4 Ways Outdoor Lighting Can Help Your Property's Aesthetic

While you’ll often hear us say that there’s much more to lighting around a house than “looks,” there’s still no denying that good outdoor lighting has tremendous aesthetic appeal. In this article,...

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Landscape Lighting | Dec 14, 2023 10:22:06 AM

Why Outdoor Lighting is Crucial for Effective Outdoor Security Cameras

Keeping your Memphis property safe is incredibly important to you. It’s a reason why you might have installed outdoor security cameras in various locations around your home. Most homes these days...

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Pool Lighting | Nov 28, 2023 12:35:19 PM

Transform Your Backyard with Outdoor Lighting: Ideas From the Experts

Backyard landscape lighting can be a valuable addition that helps you get more out of your Memphis property. With backyard outdoor lighting, you can gain increased functionality of your property...

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Landscape Lighting | Nov 16, 2023 10:18:20 AM

Outdoor Lighting Timers: 3 Benefits You Should Know

Incorporating outdoor lighting at your Memphis, TN home is accompanied by some important benefits. As we’ve talked about in previous articles, landscape lighting can add safety, security, and...

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