4 Lighting Ideas That Will Transform Your Driveway

Oct 25, 2022 10:14:44 AM

Properly lighting your driveway will not only add aesthetic appeal to your home but it will make your drive easier and safer to navigate in the evening hours. The last thing that you want is a blaring spotlight blinding you and your guests when you pull in.

You’re looking for strong but subtle lighting that is both welcoming and beautiful…as well as actually helpful.

Here are some driveway lighting ideas to get you started.

1. Build Lighting Into Surrounding Retaining Walls

If you have retaining walls adjacent to your driveway, built-in lights will help ensure that drivers can see the wall nicely and clearly (and avoid brushing against it or parking too close). In addition to serving these important functional purposes, retaining wall lighting also looks great.

If you have a beautiful stone wall, it takes on a gorgeous look with the lighting in the evening hours.

FB landscape Lighting

2. Use Downlighting for Subtle-but-Effective Lighting

One of our favorite techniques for lighted driveways is downlighting. With downlighting, the lights are typically mounted in nearby trees flanking the driveway. The light is then cast down on the driveway, creating an almost “moonlight” effect.

It’s such a great way to light a space below without having light shining in your face as you pull into the driveway.


3. Install Fence and Gate Lighting

If you have a gate at your home’s entrance or perhaps a fence that runs alongside your driveway, these elements can also be used for lighting the driveway. Fence and gate lighting make your property safer and more secure while also making it easier to navigate.

If you are looking for driveway light post ideas, having lights installed along fence posts makes a natural chice.

It can also be attractive to light up structures around your home as they take on a new look and create added ambiance in the evening hours.

Gate Entrance Lighting

4. Use Driveway Floor Lights

Another option for lighted driveways is using driveway floor lights (installed in the actual ground itself).

These can be used along the sides of the driveway, creating a subtle path. Just be careful not to overdo it as you don’t want to look like you’re creating an airport landing strip. It’s all about the right number of lights and the proper brightness.

We also often get asked about end of driveway light ideas and driveway floor lights can work well for this purpose, too. We can use floor lights in front of the garage doors, to serve as a visual and also help drivers see exactly where they are.

Core drilled up lighting

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Choosing the Best Driveway Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Hopefully, these driveway lighting ideas have given you some inspiration for your own driveway. But at the end of the day, your driveway lighting design should be unique to your home. You want a design that suits your specific needs as well as the location of your driveway.

You also want a finished look that is highly professional and boosts your home’s overall curb appeal.

When working with a professional lighting designer, you’ll feel confident that your lighted driveway is everything that you wanted it to be.

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We’ve said it before but it bears repeating. A great landscape lighting design is like “art” and it should truly enhance the overall look of your space. That is definitely true when it comes to a well-lit driveway.

While your driveway lighting is just one aspect of a total project, it’s an important one and you want to make sure it’s done well. That all boils down to making a smart choice amongst lighting pros.

If you choose Mid South Night Lights for your outdoor lighting project, we are ready to help you maximize the enjoyment and use of your outdoor areas with a lighting design that is customized for you. With just the right lighting, you’ll be enjoying your property more than ever.

Are you ready to create a secure, functional, and beautiful property at any hour of the day? If so, let’s meet and discuss some bright ideas.

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