4 Tree Lighting Ideas That Will Transform Your Landscape

Aug 11, 2022 2:49:34 PM

Your trees and shrubs are a beautiful component of your landscape. But they are elements that are typically only enjoyed during the daylight hours when you and others can see them.

Of course, with the right tree lighting incorporated into your outdoor lighting design, you’ll not only be able to enjoy the beauty of your trees at night, but you’ll find they actually take on a new and dramatic focal point in your design.

Using various lighting techniques, you’ll be able to have different effects and different “looks” that add aesthetic appeal to your property.

Here are a few outdoor tree lighting ideas to get you started.

1. Uplight Trees to Showcase Their Beauty

As far as tree lighting goes, uplighting is one possibility. The technique of uplighting is exactly what it sounds like. With uplighting, the light fixtures are mounted somewhere on the ground and the light is directed upward to light up your tree.

This is a great lighting technique on a tall tree and can really make a difference in your nighttime landscaping. With the light directed up the trees trunk or at the canopy, it creates a dramatic and elegant effect.

tree uplighting daytime 1

2. Use Trees to Achieve Downlighting Effects

Downlighting is a form of tree lighting in which the lights are installed within the tree (and as the name implies) cast the light downward.

Downlights are often installed high in the trunk of a tree or on a branch and then aimed at a patio or another outdoor living spot. It can be a great way to light up part of your tree but also to use the tree’s height to light up an area below.

For instance, we love using downlighting to light up a patio. It’s also a subtle way to light up a pathway or a driveway.

front of house outdoor lighting after 1

3. Use Bullet Lights to Spotlight a Specimen Tree

If you have a really gorgeous specimen tree or maybe a beautiful shrub that you want to showcase, you can use bullet lights to highlight these individual features. It’s almost as though the landscape becomes art in these situations.

You are showcasing a beautiful tree that you previously could only enjoy during the daylight. Now that it’s lit up, you can enjoy it after the sun has gone down.

FB General4. Remember Less is More with Tree Lighting

In general, an important rule with landscape lighting is that “less is more.”

The look should be subtle and appealing. But if you overload your landscape with tree lighting, it can really take away from the aesthetic appeal and start to look overdone.

In fact, if you were to go out and light up every single tree on your property, nothing would really look that “special” anymore. The lights all start to compete with one another and it also defeats the purpose.

Great landscape lighting is both an art and a science. There is both an eye for design and some strategic placement that goes into creating a beautiful end result.


Getting the Most Out of Lighting Trees in a Backyard or Out Front

Landscape lighting is so much more than just shining a spotlight on a tree or shrub. You want the design to be artistic and beautiful.

You can incorporate a variety of ideas that help you make the most out of tree lighting. For instance, we can use bullet lights to spotlight a specimen tree or gorgeous shrub, well lights to uplight a tree, and downlights to cast light down on a plant bed or lawn area where you want to hang out.

And these are just some ideas. We’ll create a custom plan designed exactly for your Memphis property.

We know that helping you to get the most possible enjoyment out of your outdoor areas, comes down to attractive and functional lighting. And we are here to help.

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If you’d like to talk about outdoor tree lighting ideas to incorporate at your Memphis home, we’d love to chat. These are just a few ideas but we are ready to create a design that is customized for you and your specific landscape.

Are you ready to create a secure, functional, and beautiful property at any hour of the day? If so, let’s meet and discuss some bright ideas.

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