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Outdoor Lighting by Mid South Night Lights

Our professional landscape and outdoor lighting designers are trained to enhance a Memphis home’s curb appeal, safety, security, value, and sense of warmth with strategically placed LED outdoor lighting fixtures. Our lighting designs are unique to each client and property. Our goal is to exceed our Memphis clients' expectations every time.

Why Get Outdoor Lighting in Memphis?

Most outdoor lighting systems are designed to enhance the architecture of a home, lifting the curb appeal, safety and security as a result. By utilizing advanced outdoor lighting techniques such as accent lighting, silhouetting, shadowing, moonlighting, etc. we can add another layer of depth and intrigue to a property in Memphis.

From grand entrances and leading pathways to beautiful gardens and amazing pools, we can illuminate the most appealing features of your home. We offer expert installation of quality low voltage LED outdoor lighting, which provides added safety and beauty to any structure.

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Outdoor Lighting Options for Memphis Properties 

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a great addition to any landscape in Memphis, big or small. You can add landscape lights to accent a home or you can add it to a larger property, such as a restaurant. Landscape lights add a particular ambiance that can't be achieved any other way. You might have a beautiful landscape that is well cared for, but it can't be enjoyed when the sun goes down if you don't have appropriate lighting. Landscape lights can certainly make a commercial space, like a restaurant, more inviting to guests. 

Architecture Lighting

is another accent piece for buildings. You can make a building stand out with proper lighting design and implementation. Maybe you want your building to be more visible at night. Or maybe you want to create a certain atmosphere with lights. Whatever you want to accomplish, we can create an architectural lighting plan to fit your specific needs. 

Along with adding ambiance and accenting a landscape, you can also add a layer of security to your area, building, or home in Memphis. A well-lit building or home typically keeps burglars away. Instead, a burglar is looking for an easy target, such as a dark building or home where they can slip in and out unnoticed. Lights keep a building or home from being an easy target. 

String Lighting & Patio Lighting

This includes covered patio lighting and additional lighting options that you can use to create ambiance within a space. At your home, you can add string and patio lights to highlight your outdoor entertainment space and make it more inviting. People spend more time outside when the atmosphere is right, and lights allow you to create the atmosphere you want. The same goes for commercial space. String and patio lights are fun for guests. Most enjoy the ambiance you create with great lighting, and most will spend more time in your commercial space because they enjoy the atmosphere. 

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