Vacation & Second Home Lighting

Architectural Lighting for Vacation Home

Great outdoor lighting systems wherever you are.

If you have a vacation or second home in another location, we can absolutely provide you with the same great landscape lighting service there as we do here in Memphis.

There’s no point in finding a great lighting company here and then having to find another at your second home location. That’s why we can travel and install for you. 

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How can Mid-South Night Lights transform my vacation home?   

We provide a variety of services for those looking to upgrade or update their vacation or second home, including:


We can easily install the best landscaping lighting for your second home to provide great accents and security. While you’re away, you want to make sure your second home is protected and secure. Landscape lighting can enhance security while you’re away and keep the home from being a target.

Along with security, lighting will provide remarkable ambiance while you’re on vacation. Think about retiring to your vacation home and enjoying a wonderful patio in the evening. You can have a great patio, but the lighting creates the mood and puts you in a soothing state-of-mind. Get that peacefulness from a great lighting setup. 

The Professional Lighting Difference: 

Some people may go to Lowes or Home Depot and attempt to set up outdoor lighting on their own. It may work for a few weeks, but then it just doesn’t do what you want and you’ve spent a few hundred dollars. It’s more of a waste now.

The professional difference is us coming to your vacation or second home and creating a beautiful lighting setup that you will enjoy for years. It will not be a waste. 

From design to installation, everything is custom. You tell us what you want to light and how you want to light it. Tell us the ambiance you’re going for. Tell us how you want to use your space and we’ll create lighting to support it. 


Q: Can you travel to my second home in another city or state?

Absolutely we can! If you have the need for outdoor lighting at your second home, we can make anything work for you. While we are based in Memphis, we can travel for your job and create a beautiful lighting system for you.

Q: Can I control my lighting system while I’m away?

Yes, you can control everything from a smartphone or tablet. You have complete control of the lighting system, from individual lights to even the color/mood of the system. We tailor the experience to what you want and give you control. Leave your second home and know you have control while you’re back at home. 

Q: How much does it cost?

The average cost is 2-4% of the home’s value. Of course, it depends on the number of fixtures you want, the complexity of the setup, and the controls you need. 

Q: Will the lighting increase my vacation home’s value?

Yes, outdoor lighting can absolutely increase your property value. In some cases, you can see an increase in value by 12%.

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