3 Landscape Lighting Ideas to Improve Your Curb Appeal

Jul 21, 2022 10:47:36 AM

One of the amazing benefits of landscape lighting is that it can boost your curb appeal. With the right outdoor lighting, you’ll quickly become the envy of the neighborhood. To get you started, we’re rounding up some landscape lighting ideas for the front of your house.

We understand that you want your home to look its best, even after the sun goes down. These ideas will help add major appeal.

Landscape Lighting Ideas for the Front of Your House

Properly implementing some of these ideas will give you the perfect curb appeal lighting for your Memphis home.

1. Incorporate Architectural Lighting

When it comes to optimal curb lighting, you want to make sure that you are properly lighting up the key architectural features of your home. Architectural lighting helps to showcase some of the structural features of your home such as stonework, arches, columns, and more.

You’ll give your home a really unique look when these details are lit in a professional and artistic way.

Some of the lighting features that can be used for architectural lighting include the following.

  • Wash lights: used to accent a wall or provide more depth to the home.
  • Bullet lights: These lights cast a narrower beam and can highlight front porch columns or another detail you want to showcase.
  • Downlights: Downlighting can be used to light up a driveway or to showcase a feature like a fountain or a large urn of flowers.

And these are just a few curb lighting ideas for architectural lighting. The point is there are many different formats of light that can be used. The key is to work with a landscape lighting professional who is able to provide you with options. Unfortunately, some companies will limit you to just a handful of techniques they’re comfortable doing.

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2. Illuminate Your Driveway

Great curb appeal lighting is about making your home look aesthetically appealing in the evening hours. But it’s also about making the front of your home safe and easy to navigate. Properly lighting your driveway is one of those elements that will not only make your home look attractive and inviting, but will make it safer, too.

After all, when people pull into your driveway at night, you want them to be able to clearly see where they are going both while driving and when walking up to your home.


There are various techniques for lighting a driveway, depending upon your property’s specific layout. For example, we can do downlights along a long and windy driveway or a country drive that doesn’t have much other light around. It’s important that people can see the entire driveway on a longer or windy drive. But if it’s a shorter driveway and already somewhat lit from nearby street lights, it’s possible only lights toward the end of the driveway may be needed.

It can be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and the optimal solution for your specific home can be devised. But the goal is for it to be artistic and functional. One of the big mistakes we see with driveway lighting is when someone just plunks a single spotlight on the driveway. Oftentimes this gives a “deer in the headlights” feel when people pull in as it’s shining right in their eyes. It also does nothing for curb appeal. You want curb appeal lighting that is both attractive and useful (not blinding!).

3. Light Up Your Landscaping

As you might have guessed, great landscape lighting ideas for the front of your house should include lighting up your landscape! Your plant material like trees, shrubs, flowers, and more are part of what makes the front of your home beautiful. With the right landscape lighting, you’ll also be able to show them off after the sun goes down.

But just like other forms of lighting, landscape lighting is so much more than just shining a spotlight on a tree or shrub. You want the design to be artistic and beautiful. Oftentimes with lighting, less is more. The look should be subtle and appealing.

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We can incorporate area lights in your plant beds, bullet lights to spotlight a specimen tree or gorgeous shrub, well lights to uplight a tree, and downlights to cast light down on a plant bed or lawn. And these are just some ideas. We’ll create a custom plan designed exactly for your Memphis property.

Getting the Most Out of Curb Appeal Lighting

The key to getting the most out of curb appeal lighting is choosing the right outdoor lighting professional to do the work. Outdoor lighting is both an art and a science and you need to find a professional that can execute the best possible (and customized) ideas for your specific home.

At Mid South Night Lights, we know that outdoor lighting is more than just something that “looks nice.” While there’s no doubt it will add tremendous aesthetic appeal, it also brings functional value by allowing you to safely navigate and use your property at night.

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That’s a big deal and we don’t take it lightly!

If you’re looking for landscape lighting ideas for the front of your house, we’re here to help. These are just a few of the possible ideas we can incorporate. But we’ll create a solution that’s customized to your Memphis home.

Are you ready to create a secure, functional, and beautiful property at any hour of the day? If so, let’s meet and discuss some bright ideas.

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