Outdoor Kitchen Lighting: 4 Ideas You Should Consider?

Mar 8, 2023 1:14:18 PM

When it comes to enjoying your outdoor kitchen to the fullest, outdoor kitchen lights are a vital addition. After all, you don’t want to only use your kitchen when the sun is out. You’ll want to prepare dinner and after-dinner snacks and drinks, keeping the party going well into the nighttime hours. 

In fact, people often tell us that they enjoy their outdoor kitchens most at night.

To help make sure that your outdoor kitchen is properly lit for full use and enjoyment, we’ve rounded up some outdoor kitchen lighting ideas to consider.

#1: Under-Counter Lighting

Under-counter lighting can be a really useful light for outdoor kitchens. It definitely helps to add visual interest to the space. But as far as outdoor BBQ lighting ideas go, this type of lighting does a great job illuminating your grill space. 

Under-counter lighting can also help light up the counters themselves where you are doing your prep work and getting food ready to be cooked on the grill.


#2: Overhead Lighting

If you have a covered outdoor kitchen space, then you might also be looking for some overhead lighting. 

One popular type of lighting over a countertop is pendant lighting. Even if you just have a pergola providing some shade to this space, that could work to mount pendant lighting. 

Some homeowners do also express interest in chandeliers for a fancier outdoor kitchen area. 

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#3: Task Or Niche Lighting

Since every outdoor kitchen is unique, you may have some highly specific lighting needs that can be met with task lighting. 

Before creating your outdoor kitchen lighting design, a lighting professional will talk to you about exactly HOW you use your kitchen space. Then, they will make sure that lights are implemented for the very specific tasks that you do.

Depending on the various cooking appliances that you might have in your outdoor kitchen (grill, power burner, smoker, etc.), you might need highly specific niche lighting for specific uses. It’s all about creating a lighting design that works for you.

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#4: Path, Step, and Area Lighting

It’s equally as important to light up the areas around your kitchen as it is to add outdoor kitchen lights. After all, you also want you and your guests to be able to safely navigate these spaces around your kitchen when coming and going

Quite often, people don’t only cook but also dine in their outdoor kitchens, so you want to make sure that these spaces are appropriately lit for full use. 

It is so important that these spaces are properly lit with just the right amount of light. Too many or too few lights can negatively impact your space. 

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Getting Full Use Out of your Memphis Property with Outdoor Kitchen Lights

We’ve said before that when it comes to enjoying your yard to the fullest, outdoor lighting is key. This is true for ANY outdoor space, including your outdoor kitchen. 

Light for outdoor kitchens can be a matter of making this space more usable and more enjoyable. 

The key is to work with a lighting professional who is able to customize your outdoor kitchen lighting design for your specific needs. 

The last thing that you want is to invest money in a design that doesn’t actually provide the benefits you were looking for. A kitchen with the wrong amount of lighting or improper brightness won’t be enjoyed or used to the fullest. 

At Mid South Night Lights, we take your outdoor lighting needs seriously and will come up with a design that is best for your space. 


While these were just a few outdoor kitchen lighting ideas that you can implement, we will make other suggestions that are highly specific to your space. In the end, that will mean getting more value out of your kitchen.

Are you ready to create a secure, functional, and beautiful property at any hour of the day? If so, let’s meet and discuss some bright ideas.

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