Smart Outdoor Lighting: 3 Things You Can Control From Your Phone

Mar 2, 2023 9:30:15 AM

One of the great benefits of today’s smart landscape lighting is the ability to control lights from a smart device like a phone or a tablet. This “at-the-fingertips” control gives homeowners the ability to truly customize their outdoor space and make easy changes at the push of a button.

If you are thinking bout incorporating smart outdoor lights into your Memphis outdoor living space, you might be wondering what exactly that could look like. 

That’s why we are talking about some of the landscape lighting smart features to consider. 

Features You Can Control From Your Smart Device

Here are some ways that you can have total control over your outdoor living space with smart landscape lighting.

#1: The Brightness of the Space

One of the factors that can be controlled is the brightness of the space as lights can be dimmed or made brighter depending on the type of scheme that you’re looking to set up.

For instance, you might have a particular lighting scheme that is set for a dinner party with brighter lighting so that everyone can see one another (and what they’re eating). 

But you might have an entirely different (more intimate) lighting arrangement for just you and your immediate family or your partner enjoying drinks by the fire.

Homeowners really appreciate that with smart outdoor lights, they can have precise control over their lighting arrangements. 

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#2: Which Lights are Turned On (and When)

Which lights actually come on during a certain lighting arrangement can also be set up to be controlled on a smart device. Perhaps in certain lighting situations, you don’t need all of the lights to be turned on.

You might also want certain lights to come on automatically at certain times of the day, particularly if you are interested in security lighting. But it can also be beneficial when certain lights for a backyard are given smart control. 



For instance, maybe there’s an area in the yard where you usually let the dogs out. It can be really helpful to have all of those lights on an easy setting where they can all come on at once (even if you don’t need the entire backyard lit up).

The idea is that you can get really precise control over what lights you want on…and when you want them.


#3: Color-Changing Abilities 

Color-changing light systems are another new technology for landscape lighting that can be given smart control. 

That means that if you are planning a party for the big game, you can create a lighting scene with the team colors by setting things up on your app. Or, perhaps instead of stringing holiday lights you just want to light up your home in red and green.

Homeowners love the idea that they can really customize their lighting at the simple push of a button!

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Upgrading to Smart Landscape Lighting 

Even if you already have lights for the backyard or front yard installed, the possibility of smart control might have you considering an upgrade. Like many other areas of our lives, technology has come a long way and it’s now allowing us to do much more with landscape lighting than we ever could before. 

For that reason, you shouldn’t feel like you are stuck with outdated lighting. Even though today’s LED lights for the outdoors are far superior to what they once were, there are many lighting companies that are still doing things “the old way.” 

It boils down to working with a lighting company that’s keeping up with “what’s new,” including landscape lighting smart features. If you love the idea of having precise control over your landscape lighting, you deserve to have it!

Ultimately, it boils down to making a wise choice with your outdoor lighting company.

At Mid South Night Lights, we frequently attend trade shows and industry events so that we ARE keeping up with what’s new. It’s about being able to offer our clients all of the options so that we can customize a solution that’s right for them. When it comes to your Memphis, TN property, you deserve the best.

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