3 Signs it's Time to Update Your Landscape Light Fixtures

Aug 12, 2022 11:40:15 AM

If you already have landscape lighting, you know how valuable it is to using your outdoor space. Of course, if you have outdated landscape light fixtures, you might be finding that your lighting is causing you more trouble than help!

You might be wondering if it’s time to begin the process of updating landscape light fixtures around your Memphis, TN home.

We’ve rounded up a quick list of some of the reasons why people decide to update outdoor lighting. If any of these resonate with you, it might be time to talk.

1. You Constantly Find Yourself Asking Why are My Outdoor Lights Not Working

Do you feel like your lights are frequently not functioning? Perhaps there are lights that are flickering or some that just constantly seem to be broken.

If you have outdated landscape light fixtures, you might be finding that the system is not working more often than it is.

The truth is, lighting technology has come a really long way and today’s outdoor lights work better than ever. If your system is old, it might be time for an upgrade. While that might sound like bad news, once you get an upgraded system you’ll likely wonder why you waited so long.

Today’s lights not only work better, but they look better, too. You’ll quickly learn that there are a lot of great benefits to investing in an upgrade.

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2. You are Spending a Small Fortune on Repairs

This goes along with the point we just mentioned above. If you are constantly asking, “Why are my outdoor lights not working?” And you are constantly bringing someone in for repairs, it might make a lot more sense to simply invest that money into an upgrade.

We know that means a larger upfront cost.

But those ongoing repairs really do start to add up, too. We have heard from homeowners who have spent hundreds if not thousands a year to constantly repair outdated lighting.

Rather than continually put money into an outdated system, why not put that money toward brand-new lighting?

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3. You Installed a New Landscape or Had Construction Work Done

Of course, not all reasons for updating landscape light fixtures around your Memphis, TN home have to do with problems. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of change…even if it’s a positive change!

For instance, if you’ve added new landscaping to your home or perhaps completed a construction project (like a new front porch, an addition, or maybe a deck), then you likely need to upgrade your lighting to accommodate these changes.

After all, if you had a beautiful front porch or deck added, wouldn’t you want to show that off and be able to use it in the evening hours? You might already have landscape lighting but it’s not focused on these new features.

Similarly, if you have new landscaping, you can use landscape lighting to ensure you get maximum curb appeal and enjoyment ouf of those additions in the evening hours.

Even as an existing landscape changes and evolves, landscape lighting might need some tweaks. A landscape is not a stagnant feature but is ever-changing. As plants grow or are perhaps switched out over the years, your lighting scheme might need to change as well.

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Choosing a Lighting Pro for Updating Landscape Light Fixtures

At the end of the day, getting the most out of lighting comes down to choosing the right professional to do the work.

You want to make sure that you choose a lighting professional that is using the latest technology. The truth is, even some pros are still installing outdated landscape light fixtures. The field has rapidly evolved and you want to make sure you’re choosing a company that is keeping up!

If you choose Mid South Night Lights for your outdoor lighting project, we are ready to help you maximize enjoyment and use of your outdoor areas with a lighting design that is customized for you.

With just the right lighting, you’ll be enjoying your property more than ever.

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