Best Time of Year to Install Outdoor Lighting Near Memphis

Feb 14, 2023 12:26:05 PM

While there’s no question that outdoor lights can be enjoyed all year round, sometimes people aren’t thinking about outdoor lighting as much during colder months when they aren’t outside as often. 

Even so, it’s important to remember that installing landscape lighting can be done at any time of the year.

In fact, even if you are reading this during a colder time of the year and aren’t getting outside much, you’ll want to make sure that you’re ready as soon as the weather warms up. Installing outdoor lighting is one of the best ways to encourage getting outside more frequently. 

When your property is well-lit, you’ll naturally spend more time enjoying it, no matter what the season. 

Backyard party enjoying outdoor landscape lights

Here are a few additional points to consider as you think about the best time to install outdoor lights for your Memphis home.

When Should I Have Outdoor Lights Installed?

Unlike certain landscaping projects which might be best done in the spring or fall, installing landscape lighting is a project that can happen any time of the year. 

It’s important to remember, as we mentioned above, that outdoor lighting is also something that can be enjoyed at any time of the year. Even if you aren’t spending as much physical time outside, you still want your home to be well-lit for other purposes like curb appeal and safety/security reasons. 

Different seasons can even mean different “looks” for landscape lighting. 

While you may prefer your trees with leaves on them (and we certainly understand), barren winter trees can actually take on a really unique look with landscape lighting which will give your home “wow factor,” even in the dead of winter. 

The point is, you don’t want to miss out on the benefits of landscape lighting because you’re waiting for some particular timing. 

The best time for installing outdoor lighting is whenever you are ready! 

And as soon as you get those landscape lights in the ground, you’ll be able to start reaping the benefits. 

outdoor landscape lighting installation team

Get the Most Out of Your Memphis Property All Year Long

If you stumbled on this article because you were wondering if you need to wait for a certain time of the year to install landscape lighting, we want you to know, the sooner the better! 

We believe that each season has its own beauty and appeal so when you have landscape lighting installed, you can show off your property all year round.

One of the benefits of working with a highly skilled landscape lighting designer is that they’ll take seasonality into account when creating your custom design. There might be certain aspects of your property that you really want to show off at different times of the year. 

Therefore, you want to work with a designer who has original and creative ideas that will bring your property to life even as the seasons change. 

Again, great landscape lighting should be providing multiple benefits including not only enhanced functionality but also curb appeal, safety, and security. Many of these benefits are not contingent on you being outside to enjoy them. That means that even on the coldest days, you’ll find that installing landscape lighting was a wise choice that gives you a strong return on investment. 


Your Wise Choice Amongst Landscape Lighting Professionals

The key to getting the most out of your landscape lighting is working with the right outdoor lighting professional. Outdoor lighting is both an art and a science and you need to find a professional that can execute the best possible (and customized) ideas for your specific home.

At Mid South Night Lights, we know that outdoor lighting is more than just something that “looks nice.” While there’s no doubt it will add tremendous aesthetic appeal throughout the year, it also brings functional value by allowing you to safely navigate and use your property at night.

If you are thinking about installing outdoor lighting, we’re here to help. We’d love to help you get your project underway so that you can start experiencing the benefits as soon as possible. 


Are you ready to create a secure, functional, and beautiful property at any hour of the day? If so, let’s meet and discuss some bright ideas.

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